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HFBE Sacco Management Information System that allows to manage their clients, loans, repayments, shares and collections with ease while being affordable at the same time.

The Challenge Summarized

Most functions can be done in one or two clicks. The system was implemented with a simple and clear user interface, with best-practice workflows taking you through all core processes, and relevant data always at your fingertips.

The Vision Behind the App

The company envisioned a way to Develop HFBE SACCO Management Information System with inbuilt accounting that enforce back-end double entry data capture for the credit facility business. Their project sought to involve:

1. Loans, Shares, Saving, Income,
Expense, Assets, Fixed Deposits, etc

2.Communications-Emails & SMS
3.Payroll, Reports, etc
4. Staff Management 

After becoming familiar with Elitepath Software’s experience on the matter, they decided to trust us with the new implementation.

The Elitepath Solution

Elitepath Software Implemented the system that makes the process of lending loans simple and easy by laying out all the details and information regarding the loan, including the months and years ahead of the load and the interests added every month as well as other more features.

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