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The legal technology space is changing at an incredible pace. The progress is being driven by entrepreneurs who are using software to solve problems usually addressed exclusively by lawyers. From divorce law to litigation finance, entrepreneurs are reinventing how legal services are being delivered, opting for speed, efficiency and accuracy over tradition.


Fast, easy to use, and truly cloud-based legal software

Unlike other law firm software providers who claim to be cloud-based, Our Software is fully cloud-based⁠—no installation required. That means we are able to offer you a more reliable, faster, and more secure solution to managing your firm, cases, and clients.

Run your law firm from anywhere.

Transition to the cloud seamlessly with the leading cloud-based case management software, endorsed by the Law Society.

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Why Choose Our Legal Software?

Enjoy the convenience of Working Anywhere Anytime with cloud-based CRM system that gives you total control over your business operations. A real business management solution that is innovative and effective for small and mid-sized business enterprises.

Explore Features, designed for better legal practice management

Our CRM has a powerful module for every role in your Business

Advanced document management
It allows you to create, share, and store an unlimited number of documents. Keep organised and find what you need with ease.
A wealth of integrations
It integrates with your favourite apps, making Our Software a true platform for the modern law office. Centralise your most important practice tools in one location. It's integrations allow you to track all of your important information from a single platform.
Easy billing for law firms.
Streamline your billing with Our Software’s full-featured billing workflow—from accurate time tracking, to beautifully customisable invoices. Take end-of-month billing from days to minutes and ensure you get paid faster with Our Software.
Integrated time tracking for any task
Stay on top of every billable moment with intuitive and easy time-tracking, ensuring your bills are accurate and your business is profitable.
Fully customisable invoices
Billing has never been simpler—or faster. Easily customise your bills based on practice area, case type, or client that can help you create documents faster and more accurately.
Client and Office accounting
It’s easy to keep track of the funds in your client accounts and also integrates with the most popular legal accounting tools, such as XERO and QuickBooks Online, for simplified accounting.

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