Our Timeframe

We started our journey at 2017.
We had hard situation at that time but we have a big dream.
Check below how and where we are now.

Our Timeline

Journey of Dream

We start our journey at 2017. On that time we just have a name. we planning to provide domain and hosting service on local market. We just have a domain name only, nothing else.


We change our Focus

We were newbie on tech market of Kenya and East Africa at Large. We hardly able to provide domain and hosting service to few clients. But that was not enough for us to maintain our company. At that time, there were a lot of domain hosting service provider on East African Market. A unique Idea can change everything. For that we started focusing on software and app development.

On Codecayon & Themeforest

It was essential to change our business strategy. We started providing service to international market and searching for something unique. We were involved with envato market and start working with codecanyon & Themeforest. Our first items was approved on 2019. It something like dream turn into reality.


We cross the entry Barrier

After we got approved our first items on codecanyon, in one year , we submitted over 20 items on codecanyon & Themeforest. We started receiving awesome response from around the globe and our clients increase as well as our revenue.

Recruited More Skilled Developers & Designers

We expand our working area. We are working on Laravel, Code-igniter, HTML Templates, WordPress Themes, Mobile Apps, Plugin & Extension, etc. Now we are woking with different people, companies and marketplaces around the globe.


Woohooo! We are super excited. It is really a milestone, isn't it ?
We are Elite Author now

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