Our Timeframe

The story of how we got started.

Elitepath Software was started by by one guy with the one mission.
Our Story started at 2017...
We had hard situation at that time but we have a big dream.

January 2017
Founder Elias finishes the IT degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never seek a job and start his own Software business (love you mum).
June 2017
Jerry catches wind of Elias’s early success and slides into his DM offering help. Elias politely accepts.
August 2017
After collectively failing a number of business ventures, Elias and Jerry finally have their first break. Together they build Several Software with a team of 7 other legends.

Architecting secure, efficient and user-friendly applications and systems by writing standard, well-documented and efficient codes to turn ideas into reality.

“We Were Creating fusion of visual design and technology to make awesome products that feel great on every desktop and mobile device also perform efficiently with minimum resource utilization and maximum performance.”

Elias, Founder and CEO of Elitepath Software Ltd.

April 2018
A unique Idea can change everything. For that we started focusing on software and app development. Yeww! ?

“After this, we both took up golf on during the week and started eating fancy dinners at the local Country Club... Ha. This is not what happened at all. We suck at golf and love eating Pizza”

Jerry, CTO of Elitepath Software Ltd.

June 2018
It was essential to change our business strategy. We started providing service to international market and searching for something unique.

We were involved with envato market and start working with codecanyon & Themeforest. Our first items was approved on 2019.

It something like dream turn into reality.

We worked with brands and with clients like Housing and Finance Bank(Uganda), Legacy Microfinance (Nigeria), Premese Schools & Colleges(Kenya), Foreverorder(China), Darulfalah( India), and many other small and major clients.

November 2019
? ELITESACCO launches
After spending time running the business, Elias begin to plan His next moves and rekindle His business partnership with investors & other competitors. EliteSacco is born.

The name "Elitesacco" is born.



a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

January 2020
We expand our working area. We are working on Laravel, Code-igniter, HTML Templates, WordPress Themes, Mobile Apps, Plugin & Extension, etc. Now we are woking with different people, companies and marketplaces around the globe.
April 2020
❄ covid-19 paNdemic
For various reasons, Covid-19 brought an huge impact to many businesses and therefore we started working remotely and closed our physical offices.

Due to government measures to reduce spread of Covid-19, We were hardly spending enough time on our offices hence the decision to first close the physical offices to avoid spreading risk among the team members and to comply with government and WHO policies. To achieve this, we send all our staffs to continue working remotely until further notice*.

June 2020
After building 11 softwares in under 6 months as a way to test a number of business ideas, We decided to stick to what we know best on designing and developing beautiful softwares.

“It was an opportunity for us to build a profitable business, not a startup that bleeds cash, whilst doing what we love to do. It also allows us to learn about all types of businesses and the problems they deal with. These are all opportunities that we could potentially solve for in the future. For now, our goal is simple, we want to build a kickass business which means we really want our customers and the entire community to succeed too.”

Elias, Founder & CEO, Elitepath Software Ltd

Today Elitepath Software is a team with the same mission in life - To wake up every day with a choice to do what we love to do, build meaningful relationships and do great work.

You've heard our story, it's now time for the world to hear yours.